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We know that choosing an accountant is an important decision – you need to find one you trust; an accountant that matches your needs, makes you feel comfortable, and whose fee levels are fair. Below are a few of the more common questions we’re asked by those considering using our services. If you have any others, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer.


Q: How easy is it to change accountants and why should I change?

A: If you’re completely happy with your existing accountant, and they’re offering you an excellent proactive service at a fair fee then stick with them. However, if you’re looking for a different level of business advice, and your present accountant can’t help, then changing over to us is very easy. It involves just one letter from you and we take care of everything else. And your existing accountant isn’t usually allowed to charge you for providing the handover information.


Q: You seem to offer a lot. Are your fees expensive?

A: No. We offer fixed fees that are linked to the value of what we provide. We’re not always the cheapest but, as with many things in life, the cheapest can often be the most costly in the long run. However, we’re not expensive and we offer excellent value for what we provide. Most importantly, we never begin work without agreeing the fee first so you’ll always know where you stand.


Q: I’ve just had my accounts done and don’t need an accountant until next year, so is there any need to contact you now?

A: We can’t emphasise enough the importance of early tax planning, rather than crisis-driven advice. Ideally we start tax planning before the year even starts but after that, the earlier the better. The same applies to all areas of advice – we’re more about helping you change your future, rather than just reporting what has already happened.


Q: Will you come to visit us for an initial consultation?

A: Yes. It often helps to see your business, books and records, first hand. And we’re always happy to invest our time without charge to show you what we can do. If you prefer to visit us, that’s fine too.


Q: When and how soon can you come to see us?

A: When’s good for you? Let us know and we’ll do our very best to help. If you need to see somebody urgently, we can arrange to see you very quickly.


Q: Is your fixed quote guaranteed for more than one year?

A: We’re not in the business of providing low quotes to get your business for the first year, and then raising the fees. We want you as a long-term client who trusts us to do what we say we will. We quote what we anticipate to be a fair fee for the value provided, and would only anticipate normal inflationary increases if the work stays the same. Very occasionally there may be reasons why the amount of work was more than expected, but we would sit down and discuss this with you.


Q: You seem to be offering so much more than I get from my present accountant. How do I know you will deliver?

A: All accountants are different. Our clients are used to the level of service we provide, and you’re more than welcome to speak with some of them to hear about their experience of our service.

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